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''It is better to win a single war with oneself rather than thousands of wars with others.'' Buddhism

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

"The planet does not need more people" successful ". The world desperately needs more people to cultivate peace, to help people heal and rehabilitate, that tell stories and give love in every possible way. " Tenzin Gyatso, XIV Dalai Lama

'C'mon people now, smile on your brother everybody get together, try to love one another right now! Right now! Right now! -The Youngbloods

"When shall all men's good be each mans rule and universal peace lie like a shaft of light across the lands?" Lord Alfred Tennyson

"When the last tree is dead, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned
you'll realize you can not eat money. " Native U.S. indigenous group

"He who rules over the others is strong, he who masters himself is powerful."
Lao Tzu

"Hatred does not diminish hatred. Hatred decreases with love."

Sidhartha Gautama (1st Buddha)

" Loving is not just caring deeply, it is above all, understanding. "
Francoise Sagan

"My mother was opposed to the Vietnam War! She thought it was more honorable to desert than to kill! Any form of violence is shameful and perverse! Remember Gandhi, she told me! We cannot support a culture based on armaments! We are in this world to celebrate life and promote compassion and justice!"
THE INFINITE PLAN, by Isabel Allende


The following is a letter from Vishnu the headmaster at Hindu Vidapeth Nepal schools, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Back, in 1998, my first trip to Nepal, I got involved with helping the children of a family (Narayan Panthi) go to the U.S. for treatment of an exotic disease, XP or xeroderma pigmentosum (A rare hereditary defect of the enzyme system that repairs DNA after damage from ultraviolet rays, resulting in extreme sensitivity to sunlight and a tendency to develop skin cancer.) Of the five children, four of them had this horrible affliction, causing them to have to live in the dark (sunlight worsens the situation). One of them, Rajesh, the oldest, practically died in my arms!

"Dear Hutch
Namaste !

I am very happy to hear back from you. Thank you so much for your wishes. I also again wish you a very happy and fulfilling New Year. May 2016 and the years ahead be the years of cooperation, understanding, harmony, love, peace and fearlessness. Have a great day.

I had a very lovely time in the US visiting some beautiful places and meeting lots of old and new friends. I have really returned home with great experiences of your country. So I would like to request you to go back to your home country at least for a few weeks to see how it is now as you have been away from the US for years.

I was so happy to meet the children of the Panthi family – Roshan, Santoshi and Parbati. They live in NY. Roshan is married and has two lovely children and runs his own business. Parbati with skin cancer really touched my heart with her service and care. She seems quite happy being in the US where she is receiving all support, help and care. I am very impressed to have seen how she has maintained her health. Santoshi works in a hospital in NY and doing very well. She is also got married with a very popular perosn Dr. Raju Adhiakari, who is now one of the most successful trainers in Nepal. And, Gokul is back to Nepal and running a mobile shop in his own house, where those days we used to have meetings to organize everything to send out the Panthi family to the US. Most amazing thing is that he got married with a lovely girl and is now even blessed with a cute son. Narayan Panthi and his wife (children's parents) are both in Nepal and fine. Narayan Panthi is very much involved with social works and keeps travelling in Nepal. As a whole, this family is now very well settled. And, this family is indeed indebted to you. Without your love, determination and support I think the huge project to send this family out to the US would have never been possible. I really salute your contributions. What is said is that God never comes himself, rather he sends out good friends to support whenever is needed. Truly speaking you are the one as a true spirit behind the success of this great project.

Where are you these days? I hope you are very happy and taking care of yourself very well.

With warmest regards,


What Do We Owe Each Other?



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"You have such a lovely capacity to encourage people and assist them in attaining a better concept about themselves and the world. Bless you for all you sow into people's lives!"

Carol Eames
Adelaide, Australia

26 March 2011


Your memory is impressive! You were a sort of “Bob Dylan of sports television”…not satisfied with the status quo…constantly interested in breaking the mold. You were the one who hired me…and were, for sure, a great first boss…Chuck and Roone attention and influence came later. Will never forget, and always appreciate.

Terry Jastrow
TV producer, actor
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

"One in a million!'
Geoffrey S. Mason, Sr.,
ABC, ESPN, producer, executive

"You have taught us about physical challenges and that nothing is insurmountable!"

You have always been a go getter! You are one of a kind in the best sense. You look 20 years younger, filled with vim, vigor and vitality. I am proud of you.

From your sister Sally"

Paula Lujan (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
'Thank you for being who you are and the way you think!' 

'An amazing life story!'
Mary Lee (my sister)

Perhaps the distraction was caused by my admiration of what you do and your quality of man. An example for the men of this planet.

I am proud to have shared a few moments with you. Thank you.

Francis Posture Velo,Paladru, France

To my best friend who has the finest character, is the wisest, most honest and modest living  man I can imagine! May he still  live for long time to give mankind an example how to live. 

Rotraut Boyens, Garding, Germany



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